Omul cultivat

Cum arata devotamentul si fidelitatea in cultura? Care este codul de onoare al omului cultivat? Poate un exemplu similar gasim intr-un singur loc, doar ca trebuie schimbate cateva cuvinte cu iz militar. In rest, lucrurile raman la fel.

  • Art. 1 – Légionnaire, you are a volunteer serving France with honour and fidelity.
  • Art. 2 – Each legionnaire is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race or his religion might be. You show him the same close solidarity that links the members of the same family.
  • Art. 3 – Respectful of traditions, devoted to your leaders, discipline and comradeship are your strengths, courage and loyalty your virtues.
  • Art. 4 – Proud of your status as Legionnaire, you display this in your always impeccable uniform, your always dignified but modest behaviour, and your clean living quarters.
  • Art. 5 – An elite soldier, you train rigorously, you maintain your weapon as your most precious possession, and you take constant care of your physical form.
  • Art. 6 – The mission is sacred, you carry it out until the end and, if necessary in the field, at the risk of your life.
  • Art. 7 – In combat, you act without passion and without hate, you respect defeated enemies, and you never abandon your dead, your wounded, or your arms.

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