The Happy Countenance

In order for one to reach a state of happiness all that is profound, beautiful and scary in life must have avoided one from the cradle. You mustn’t be too temperamental since – otherwise – the emotions of this world will scar you. You mustn’t be too pessimistic since one cannot live in a perpetual state of shudder. Nor too optimistic about anything for there is no point in bearing the brunt of constant disappointment. Emotions and feelings have to pass through one without leaving any trace. A bad memory is a fountain of bliss (and youth…) in such circumstances. Or any another, just as well. But most of all one needn’t be nor intelligent (the wild imagination of smart people is a burden to reckon with all the time), or stupid (for the sake of giving others a good impression, not for stupidity per se), but shallow and average in all personal traits. There is no reason to ask oneself too many questions: the ego should remain invisible for the one who possesses it while the people around (the so-called “society” of acquaintances and close friends we mistake for almost everybody) are never to be judged fiercely or taken too seriously. The happy man is then mildly ignorant, slightly indifferent, quite sociable, emotionally illiterate, lacks personal opinions (but could easily share the opinions of others with a certain polite disbelief and subtle aloofness) and is, by all standings, a prototype of mediocrity. If destiny would treat the happy one as average as himself/herself is, it would go to show that true happiness does not only exist, but could be sold to anybody like a manufactured good.

Despre vicuslusorum

Truth seeker
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